Maja zaprasza na studia

Why Poland is a good place to enter the university? Firstly, because of Polish university traditions. Many Polish universities are among the oldest ones in the world. Secondly, Polish system of higher education is developing fast and it is perfectly adjusted to the needs of dynamically growing society. Poland takes the fourth place in Europe (after Great Britain, Germany and France) as far as the number of students is concerned. Thirdly, because of a wide range of scientific fields and specializations meeting the requirements of even the most demanding prospective students or students. Fourthly, in comparison with other EU countries Polish fees are highly competitive and living expenses are a fraction of what a foreign student would have to spent in other countries. Fifthly, a huge advantage is the atmosphere – universities are friendly to foreign students providing them with a comprehensive adjustment support.  Besides, apart from the attractive educational offer, Poland also has great economic, cultural, tourist and recreational assets.

Maja Chyży-Dudek - Vice Dean for International Affairs