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Only with us, I, II or uniform MA studies co-financed up to 75%! A wide range of postgraduate studies for teachers, lawyers, administration specialists and managers. Tailored training.

Courses of study

10 specializations and almost 30 specializations co-financed from the European Union, or in the formula "shorter studies" and "Two diplomas - single certificates". Full-time and extramural studies. Choose the best offer for you.


Upcoming events

We create space for development and exchange of views. Scientific and popular science conferences, lectures, workshops, seminars - events are organized at Wyższa Szkoła Humanitas, which are a response to the needs of not only the scientific community, our students but also the inhabitants of the region.

Our activity

Humanitas High School is not only didactic and scientific activity. We work with the environment, local government units, the private sector and schools. We implement many EU projects and create solutions for business and schools.

Intergenerational University

12 Children's Universities throughout the province and the University of the Third Age of the Humanitas Higher School are dynamically operating organizations gathering thousands of small students and seniors.

Commercial offer

We enable rental of conference, training, workshop, computer rooms and exhibition spaces that will allow you to organize business meetings, trainings and promote your company.