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Degree Programs

Special program for candidates from Africa and Asia interested in the educational offer of the Humanitas University

















































































































































































































































































































































































1. Computer science (Ba)

The Bachelor of Science  in Computer Science degree program prepares students for rewarding, cutting-edge careers  in software engineering, system administration and management, and research and development in industrial and governmental laboratories. Graduates also use their undergraduate computer science background (and analytical skills) to prepare for careers in medicine, law, education, physical and life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.

2. ​Journalism and Social Communication (Ba)

Journalism and a social communication  is an exciting occupation that allows you to meet many different kinds of people and to travel. The basis of journalism is information - discovering, collecting, assembling, analyzing and presenting information. To do this effectively, journalists require highly developed skills in language, a good understanding of the media, an interest in current affairs and a broad general knowledge.

A journalist must be able to communicate clearly, concisely, accurately and quickly, and have an inquiring nature and well developed people skills. Our outlook is progressive and our journalism courses keep pace with the latest developments in, and thinking about, journalism.

More types of journalism are practiced today than ever before as the number of media outlets proliferates. To stand out from the crowd, successful journalists need to enhance their all-round competence with personal enterprise, innovation, imagination and creativity.

3. Law (Ba+Ma)

The Ma of Laws degree is your passport to exceptional success in the employment market: private practice, as a prosecutor of crime, as a community lawyer, as a legal officer in the public service, as in-house counsel for a large corporation, wide range of positions in areas such as accounting, education, foreign affairs, industrial relations, management, politics or taxation. The Ma of Laws will provide you with an education in the law that is distinguished by its rigor, depth and conceptual sophistication. You will gain a thorough understanding of the concepts, principles, policies and values of the law both in Poland and other jurisdictions. It will also see you develop outstanding skills in critical analysis, thought and argument, skills which will be valuable in whatever career you eventually choose. In addition to the courses required for professional admission, the Ma of Laws offers a range of elective courses and extra-curricular activities that provide opportunities to put the knowledge you have acquired in the classroom into a practical context and enhance transferrable skills such as advocacy and negotiation.

How to apply?

Candidate shall send to the University a set of documents.
Documents required at the registration for studies:

  • Application questionnaire.
  • Scanned document of high school certificate.
  • High school certificate legalized by the ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign affairs in country of residence.
  • Scan of a medical certificate of no impediment to the start of the studies.
  • Scan of international passport
  • Colour photo in electronic version of the dimensions 20 x 25 mm
  • In the case of recruitment for Masters studies, the scan of the bachelor's degree.
  • Certificate of language proficiency (not applicable to candidates possessing certificate or other document confirming graduation of a school where classes were held in English or Polish and native speakers of indicated languages)

What it costs?

Payment for offered studies include annual fee of 1000,00 € for every year of studies.
Costs of food, accommodation and other costs connected with the students' stay in Poland  shall be covered by themselves.


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