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Why Humanitas University?

Prestige and status of the University on the educational market.

Our academy operates on market since 1997. WSH confines left already over 13 thousands graduates. Humanitas University share in opinion of one of the best independent academies in regions . In 2011 University achieved the first place in national academies ranking prepared and published by “Gazeta Bankowa” and the second place in region in prestige ranking of weekly “Wprost”. In 2011 Humanitas University was indicated as example of good practices in managing tertiary education in report of “Models of managing the academies”, prepared on mandate of Science and Higher Education Ministry. In 2008 in “Newsweek's” ranking Humanitas University achieved the first place in Zaglebie region and high fourth place among near fifty state and non-state academies in Silesia agglomeration (in economical academies category). In Newsweek's profile Humanitas University got twentieth place in Poland, overhauling academies from Warsaw, Lodz and Szczecin.

The broadest studies offer in region.

On two faculties Humanitas University offers 13 majors and over 30 specialties as well as numerous majors of postgraduate studies, courses and trainings. In WSH offer are majors meticulously matched paying special attention to needs and trends occurring on the job market. Study courses are prepared in cooperation with employers thanks to what students acquire knowledge,  professional competence and skills desired on market.

Low tuition fees and high bursary.

The University offers competitive tuition fees calculated with count of capabilities of different groups of students. In Humanitas University students have possibility to take up majors which are granted by European Union. Furthermore, Humanitas University has wide bursary system thanks to which there is possibility to study for free. For example if for month of studying in Humanitas University student pays  320 zl and at the same time he gets rectors bursary and social bursary in cumulatively 900 zl, a student does not bear costs of studies and gets 580 zl per month.

Advanced IT solutions.

The University is regional leader in inculcating modern information technologies in didactic and organization of work at the University. In 2010 WSH University raised from Sosnowiec borough subsidy of 1 million 200 thousands zl for extension of its information technology infrastructure. Thanks to this our students embrace innovative computer platforms Virtual Academy- each student has individual account in the system, thanks to what he has access to his timetable, service of payment system, actual information from Humanitas university life, his results and passes, schedule of lecturers duties, schedule of exams etc. Moreover, the University offers part of didactic classes form of e-learning – students participate in lectures and classes without going out. The University has advanced computer labs as well as network of info-kiosks on which students – on University premises – can browse the Internet, check their timetable and log on their accounts on Virtual University.

Unrepeatable atmosphere of studying.

Humanitas University guarantees their students circumstances for comprehensive educational and cultural development. Educating at University proceeds in the nice friendly atmosphere. We create partnership between students and lecturers, we build up atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, we treat our listeners subjectively. We are the only one University in Poland which before Christmas annually organizes a nativity play for students with participation of lecturers, concerts of Christmas carols performed by professors and other events and integration parties. We propose students also other forms of entertainment and mutual plays, integration camps, ceremonious galas of handing diplomas to the best graduates, picnics in WSH gardens etc.

Studies end up with obtaining diploma and numerous certificates.

During education in WSH University students attain specialist certificates which distinguish them among graduates from other  Universities. Students take part in contests ending with obtaining certificates related to major of studies. So besides the diploma of graduation  they obtain additional certificates and diplomas affirming specialist qualifications. Students can also participate in supplementary courses of English, German, French and Russian as part of three levels of advancement. The can also obtain prestigious, international and world wide approved language certificates: KET (English), TELC A2 (German, French, Russian), PET (English), TELC B1(German, French, Russian) FCE (English), TELC B2 (German, French, Russian).

Attractive offer for working people.

Opportunity of combining studies on full-time course and professional work. Humanitas University in Sosnowiec is making an effort to meet students expectations and proposes new mode of organization of classes at full-time course: three days of didactic classes (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and four days at student disposal! Study at full-time course and permanent work will be finally possible. We invite on University where long  weekend students have each week!

Prominent faculty.

At Humanitas University there are academicteachers with experience and rich scientific achievements, prominent specialists in each field. Among scientists employed in Humanitas University can be mentioned i.a. Prof.Czeslaw Kupisiewicz, doyen of polish pedagogic, Prof. Jedrzej Krakowski, former expert prominent of the European Parliament on budget, Prof.Andrzej Kupich, former deputy of RP ambassador in Slovakia, Prof. Eugeniusz Zwierzchowski,  prominent constitutional ,Prof. Marian Gierula, one of prominent polish media expert, ed. Krzysztof Mroziewich, war correspondent, publicist of “Polityka”.

International collaboration.

The University pursue collaboration with academies and other science centers worldwide i.a. In Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, France, Portugal and Spain. Students of Humanitas University can take part in international exchanges programme “LLP – Erasmus”. Professors from prestigious foreign universities have their lectures at the University.

Numerous classes enriching programme of studies.

At the University there are events such as open lectures within “Humanitas” and “Praxis” programmes. These are cycles of meetings with prominent representatives of world of science, culture, mass media. Until now within Humanitas University was visited by I.a. prof. Jan Tomasz Gross, red. Adam Michnik, Kamil Durczok, Krystyna Janda, Jacek Kaczmarski, Kazimierz Kutz, Janina Ochojska i Julia Pitera.

Excellently equipped library.

Currently library has 30 thousands book and over 110 titles of magazines. Reading room guarantee comfort of work in aesthetic and paperless room. In our library students will find every book and monograph necessary to study. Furthermore they can embrace full-text ProQuest base which straddle around 3 thousand titles of foreign magazines and juridical base LexPolonica.

Rich didactic base.

Humanitas University is owner of building at Kilińskiego Street 43 in Sosnowiec. It offers its students opportunity to use modern, well equipped scientific-didactic rooms ( computers, multimedia projectors, electronics). Academy has advanced lecture halls and auditorium halls. Students can use sport facilities: swimming pools and gyms.

Abundant students life.

At the academy dynamically works students council, scientific associations ( I.a. Scientific Association of Young Journalists, Scientific Association of Creative Educationists, Scientific Association Eurocrat), and also other students organizations. Humanitas University is organizer of numerous students cultural parties – concerts, festivals, student festivals. Students each year take part in annual holiday journalism camps in Zakopane.

Comprehensive sport and artistic activities.

In Humanitas University dynamically works Academical Sport Association, in which we can find different sections I.a. Football section, Volleyball section, Basketball section and also track and field section. The Universityis also official sponsor of second league volleyball team WSH  Płomień-Sosnowiec. Moreover university has wide artistic activities – supports young talents, organizes concerts.