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About the course

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The first-cycle studies


Management is a multidisciplinary program for people who plan to aspire to the role of a leader and manager in the future, who would like to set up their own company or efficiently manage projects within the company structure. During practical classes you will learn about modern management methods and mechanisms of effective team management. You will learn not only how to manage the brand, company and department, but also how to manage yourself. You will gain useful knowledge in the field of economics, finance, banking, the functioning of markets and marketing. In addition, during the course you will have the opportunity to learn Korean language. Korean from the Basics is a curriculum that provides you with a solid foundation in learning Korean, focusing on learning basic grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation elements.

For whom:

Management is a dream course for those who are not afraid of making quick and responsible decisions, think about running their own business and who have the personality for a leadership position. People with interests related to economics, finance, marketing, etc. will feel perfectly well in the profession.

Where to find a job:

Management graduates will be employed:

  • in all types of enterprises and industries,
  • in international corporations,
  • in public administration,
  • as a manager,
  • as an advertising, marketing and public relations specialist,
  • as an HR specialist,
  • in media,
  • in non-governmental organizations,
  • in the financial sector,
  • in consulting companies,
  • as an auditor, or advisor to enterprises, etc.,
  • as a trainer, or coach,
  • as a European funds specialist,
  • in their own business.

Selected subjects in the study program:

1st degree management

  • Project management
  • Marketing
  • HR management
  • Quality management
  • Company finance
  • Management psychology
  • Modern management concepts
  • Negotiations in business
  • Logistics
  • Korean Language


The first-cycle studies:

 Human resource management and basic Korean language


Dynamic technological development has changed the concept of modern business. Many business management processes have been automated, but despite the ubiquitous digitization, human capital is the driving force of every organization. Companies focused on achieving success, constantly invest in the potential of their employees and in improving their competences. Therefore, there is still a demand for HR specialists who are responsible for effective human resource management.

The Human Resources Management specialization offers graduates the opportunity to master specialist knowledge and skills necessary for efficient human capital management in an organization.

The target people:

The Human Resources Management specialization was developed for people who want to acquire the skills to use the latest personnel methods and techniques and develop their own interpersonal competences.       

Selected specialization subjects:

The curriculum has been developed with a view to comprehensively preparing students for human capital management by shaping skills in the field of hard and soft HR. Among the taught subjects there are:

  • Human resource planning,
  • Employee selection,
  • Assessment Center/Development Center,
  • Motivating and evaluating employees,
  • Legal aspects of human resources management,
  • Team leadership,
  • Collaboration and communication workshop.

Graduate profile:

A graduate of the specialization of human resources management:

  • knows how to develop a company's personnel policy,
  • is able to plan and carry out the process of recruitment and selection of candidates for work,
  • has the ability to prepare an effective employee motivation system,
  • knows how to plan and carry out the employee evaluation process,
  • has knowledge of labor law,
  • has knowledge of the psychological aspects of managing a team of employees,
  • knows how to create an environment conducive to cooperation,
  • knows effective communication strategies and tools.

Career prospects:

Graduates of the specialization of human resources management will be able to work:

  • in the personnel departments of the organization,
  • as: human resources management specialist, professional training and staff development specialist, recruitment specialist, remuneration specialist, and HR specialist,
  • in job placement agencies and human resources consulting companies,
  • as self-employed entrepreneurs and owners of companies employing people.

Graduate characteristics

A graduate of Management at the Humanitas University:

  • acquires knowledge and competences in accordance with education standards and is prepared to perform basic management functions in economic, administrative or internal security organizations;
  • has theoretical knowledge and skills in the field of management sciences and related sciences regarding the essence, regularities and problems of functioning of organizations, enterprises, public institutions and state security structures;
  • is prepared to recognize, diagnose and solve problems of managing human, material, financial and information resources;
  • successfully evaluates the effectiveness of projects;
  • is able to organize teamwork and lead a team;
  • knows how to effectively communicate, negotiate and persuade;
  • is equipped with additional skills and knowledge, in accordance with the program of specialization chosen during studies at the first- or second-cycle studies.

Tuition fees


Recruitment rules

Apply to study at Humanitas University

1. You should register in the system ->  online questionnaire 

2. You need the following documents:

  • the questionnaire will be printed by the employee at the recruitment point when you submit your documents,
  • a photocopy of the high school diploma
  • two signed color photos for a student ID card, size 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm (in accordance with the requirements for an ID card),
  • your ID card for confirmation of data,
  • confirmation of making the required payments.

3. You shouldpay your tuition fees:

(payments should be made with the name, surname and address written legibly)

  • 1st installment of the tuition fee or payment in advance for the entire semester or year
  • application fee PLN 400

Akademia Humanitas
ING Bank Śląski S.A. II Oddział w Sosnowcu
24 1050 1360 1000 0008 0337 9932


4. All documents should be delivered to the recruitment point at the Humanitas Academy in Sosnowiec.

5. At the university, you will receive the agreement on the terms of payment for educational services.

After signing it, you will be admitted to university.Congratulations!

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Recruitment Point
ul. Kilińskiego 43, Sosnowiec
tel. +48 882 438 207