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Management is the education of a dream for those who are not afraid to make quick and responsible decisions, think about their own business and have leadership qualities.

Management is a multidirectional education, covering the whole range of knowledge and skills in the field of economics, finance, banking, market functioning and the work of a manager. The student will learn how to manage the company professionally, manage teams of employees, plan and implement marketing strategies.

  • Degree course with accreditation of the PAC (Polish Accreditation Commission)! Management at Humanitas University has received a positive assessment of the Polish Accreditation Commission - the state body that controls the quality of higher education.
  • Guest lectures by such valued practitioners as prof. Andrzej Zoll, prof. Dariusz Rosati and prof. Jerzy Buzek.
  • The possibility of obtaining additional certificates.


On Bachelor's degree:

Organization Management

„The basis of modern management is the realization by the management of the company of the fact that only those organizations can develop that will be aware of the needs of the market and will be able to adjust their capabilities to these needs and thereby defeat their competitors".

Andrzej Pomykalski
Robert Blażlak

The offer is addressed to people interested in issues related to a widely understood management, in relation to the management of a modern organization.

Management is a process that includes both material and human resources. The results of research on the demand for graduates' competences in the labor market and competency gaps between the needs of the labor market and employers and the educational offer of universities run by dr Magdalena Jelonek from the Jagiellonian University show that not only professional competences are important for employers, but also soft competences such as the ability to cooperate, dedication, creativity, flexibility, communication skills, self-confidence, negotiating skills or coping with stress.

In response to the needs of employers, the curriculum for the proposed specialty implies the development of graduates' skills related to managing the organization, for example: planning, organizing, motivating, performing specific tasks, monitoring and evaluating these elements, as well as soft skills developing.

Graduates of "Organization Management" specialty will receive management competencies that will enable them to successfully control the work of enterprises, national and international corporations, and non-governmental organizations.

Examples of Subjects:

  • Contemporary trends in management
  • Financial instruments in financial management
  • Strategic determinants of running small business
  • Legal aspects of managing your own company
  • Managerial competences
  • Managing employee teams
  • Marketing management in the era of modern technologies



Human Resource Management

The specialty "Human resource Management" offers students the opportunity to acquire the special knowledge and skills necessary for the effective management of the human resources of the organization. Specialization allows you to acquire modern and useful knowledge in the field of human resource management in enterprises and in the public sector organizational units. The student will also learn about the standards of human resource management, the role of personnel functions in the organization and methods for implementing the processes: search, development, evaluation and remuneration of employees. Due to the rich content of this program and the use of various forms of education, with a predominance of practical tools, the student has the opportunity to learn how to use the latest methods and personal techniques and develop their interpersonal skills.

Examples of Subjects:

  • The specialty educates future human resource management (HRM) experts.
  • Graduates in the specialization of "Human resource Management" will be able to take up positions in middle and senior management positions enabling them to work in the personnel departments of the organization.
  • Graduates will be professionally prepared to work in the employee service departments of the organization, in employment agencies.
  • Graduates of the course will be prepared, among others to work in positions: specialist in human resources management, specialist for vocational training and personnel development, job analyst, HR specialist, recruitment specialist, salary specialist, HR department employee.
  • Graduates are prepared to provide business services related to solving employee problems in personnel consulting companies.
  • Graduates will be able to take up employment on their own.

Social Media Management

„The leaders of Polish enterprises are not yet fully aware of what they can achieve due to their active presence in the network and a properly planned strategy for using social networks. There is also a low awareness of the possibility of using these tools in various areas of the company and on the specific effects that can be achieved thanks to them, not only in the field of marketing or PR, but also in sales and personnel management."

Konrad Jar
manager in the Deloitte consulting department.


Contemporary societies are societies that live to a large extent in virtual reality, and thus in the era of social media, which are used both in the private and professional spheres. Social media is a tool increasingly used by Polish entrepreneurs, but people responsible for marketing and communication do not have a clear strategy to use social networking sites to support business.

The results of research conducted by Deloitte (an international network of commercial companies providing consulting and auditing services) show that 49% of companies operating in the Polish market do not separate positions intended only to coordinate communication in social networks, which, in particular, is the result of a shortage of this kind of specialists in the market.

The proposed specialty is a response to the needs of the labor market, and the educational program is structured in such a way as to provide knowledge, skills and competencies that allow you to be experts in the field of social network management.

The content of education focused on practical aspects related to the potential of social media in building brand awareness, planning long-term brand presence in social media, communication channels or measuring their effectiveness.

Examples of Subjects:

  • The strategic role of social networks. Management in social networks
  • ROI and Social Media the effectiveness of activities within the SM
  • Programs to manage Social Media
  • Managing multiple accounts



Tuition Fees


Bachelor's Degree is co-financed
by the European Union

  • Social Media Management
  • Organization Management
  • Human Resource Management
 Tuition fee from 170 PLN
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  • two signed color photos for the student ID,
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  • ID card – for inspection
  • evidence of formal disability
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  • document confirming the financial situation
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