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News about Sosnowiec

Sosnowiec is a cultural borderland – in its over-a-century-long history, the city has witnessed coexistence of various nationalities, which has contributed richness and variety of life to the city landscape and created a unique and colorful socio-cultural mosaic.

Over the decades the city has experienced many twists of fate. When in June 1902 Sosnowiec was granted the municipal rights, its territory was just 19 km and it had only 60 thousand inhabitants. Nevertheless, we need to bear in mind that the city history began a few centuries earlier.

Today, with a population of 220 thousand, Sosnowiec is a city vibrant with life, which is a centre of business, modern technologies and sciences.

Anyone will surely find here some attractions for oneself. The Sosnowiec Art Centre will give its visitors an opportunity to commune with the artists or contemporary art. The Museum offers unique exhibitions, whereas the local clubs attract potential guests with classical and light music concerts. Active leisure enthusiasts have at their disposal the all-year-round open Sport and Recreation Centre located at the popular Środula Hill. The slopes covered with artificial snow are crowded with skiers, snowboarders and tobogganists from the entire region. An additional attraction for sport amateurs is a skating rink and a swimming pool. Currently the indoor swimming pool at Żeromskiego street is undergoing modernization.

Numerous parks, situated in almost each and every corner of the city invite everyone to get a rest and relax.

You are welcome to visit Sosnowiec – the city which, despite its colorful and somewhat difficult history, was able to preserve its identity and is still the pride of Zagłębie. Visiting Sosnowiec will make you feel at home....Welcome to Sosnowiec and have a nice stay here.