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Erasmus +

Welcome to the Erasmus+ information site

We hope that you’ll find here all necessary information if you think about spending a semester as an exchange student at our university. It would be a great pleasure for us to welcome you in Sosnowiec.

Nomination procedure

First, you need to be nominated by your Erasmus+ Coordinator from sending institution. All nominations need to be sent to The nomination deadlines below.

  • Autumn term: May 1
  • Spring term: November 1

The nomination must include the nominee's name and surname and an e-mail address. You need to include the student's field of study. If the nominee has special needs, this is the right moment to inform about them.

Application procedure

The application process requires sending your documents to the Erasmus+ Coordinator at the Humanitas UniversityAgata Sitko (she/her)

Important documents

When applying, you will be asked questions about your sending institution and field of study. You will also be asked to send:

  • CV in English,
  • transcript of records (courses completed at home University),
  • passport/ID (page with personal data),
  • certificate of English proficiency,
  • official photo.

To study at Humanitas University, your English/Polish proficiency shouldn't be lower than the B1 level.

Your application must be filled out and submitted when the application period is open:

Autumn term: May 1 – May 15
Spring term: November 1 – November 15

We will contact you directly if we have any additional questions regarding your application. You will receive information on your application status as soon as we review it.

Acceptance Letter

  1. Acceptance Letter will be sent to you via e-mail.
  2. An Acceptance Letter might be necessary if you need a visa to enter Poland. Sometimes your home university might also need this document.

Learning Agreement

  1. The sending institution should provide the Learning Agreement form.
  2. The document should be firstly prepared with your Erasmus+ Coordinator from sending institution. Then, after it has been approved, you should send it to the Erasmus+ Coordinator from the host institution (Online LA can be submitted via the EWP).

The courses indicated in the Learning Agreement should be based on the course offer published on our website, but it you can ask for the lates updates the Erasmus+ Coordinator at the Humanitas University.

The courses for exchange students:

Confirmation of stay

  1. This document can be provided by sending institution. You may also request it from the host institution.
  2. It would be best to get it signed soon after you begin and finish your exchange. Please remember that the departure date can be indicated max. 7 days from signing the document.
  3. To receive the Confirmation of Stay, please, request it by writing to 

Transcript of Records

  1. Transcript of Records is the document that can be issued at the end of your stay.You should write a request to or visit our International Office personally to receive it.
  2. This document can be issued only after you pass all the exams and your grades appear in the system. If some grades are still missing, they won't appear on your Transcript of Records.

Health insurance

It is advised to be insured during your stay at the Humanitas University. We recommend all students to get insured before they arrive in Sosnowiec. The Humanitas University doesn't provide exchange students with any additional insurance.

EU citizens are advised to have a valid European Insurance Card. Non-EU citizens should purchase relevant health insurance.


If you are an EU citizen, you may enter the territory of Poland based on a valid travel document.

If you are not an EU citizen, you need to have a valid visa to enter the territory of Poland. The visa consultation may take a while, so you should start taking care of this issue as soon as possible. You must contact the nearest Polish Consular Office for more detailed information about visa requirements (

You need two documents that International Office can issue to receive a visa: an Acceptance Letter and Housing Confirmation. The Housing Confirmation can be issued after you apply for a place in the dormitory and the results are announced.

Registration at the University

After you arrive in Sosnowiec and the semester begins, you should register for your arrival. To do so, you may either contact the Erasmus+ Coordinator Agata Sitko at or visit the International Office personally. 

Registration for courses

Students may register for classes by contacting the Erasmus+ Coordinator.

Student card

All the necessary information about how to get the student card will be sent to you via      e-mail as soon as the term begins. It is not mandatory to obtain this document.

Applying for a student card is useful because it can give you many benefits throughout your stay at the Humanitas University. You may also use public transport with a student discount (-50%).

Fact sheet (click to download)

Contact details

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact our university and write to the Erasmus+ Coordinator Agata Sitko (she/her)


The Humanitas University has 20 apartments for the students. Each apartment consists of two double rooms with a bathroom and a kitchen. The apartments are located in the immediate vicinity of the University. You need to apply in advance because the number of places is limited.