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Humanitas University in Sosnowiec was established on 12th April 1997 under the name University of Management and Marketing. On the strength of the decision of National Education Minister no. DNS1-0145-127-TBM97, university has been inscribed into Non-state Academies Registry under no. 110. Humanitas University was first independent university in Sosnowiec and the second in Zagłębie Region. Along with decision allowing establishment of Humanitas University (then University of Management and Marketing) Minister of National Education and Sport released approval of running professional studies in major of Management and Marketing. In the year 2000 University got eligibility to launch professional studies in major of Administration.

27th February 2003 with act no. 77/2003 Presidium of National Committee of Accreditation positively appraised quality of education on professional level in this major. Since 2005 Humanitas university as the only one independent university in region educates in major of Administration on masters level.

11 September 2003 Presidium of National Committee of Accreditation with act no 511/2003 positively appraised Humanitas University application of launching studies on masters degree in Management major.

In 2005 another major was launched which share in unflagging interest among students – Pedagogy. This is the best major for people who do not look on others fate indifferently. This studies give you qualifications for working with children, teenagers, adults and elders.

In 2007 Humanitas University launched another sixth major – Political science. This major can be studied regularly or extramural. Political science major is addressed to people interested in areas of political life, processes and phenomena, international relations or history especially in political and business history and history of political doctrines.

In 2009 Humanitas University introduced new major English philology. This major is addressed to people who associate their future with job of translator, teacher, representative of Diplomatic Service, Customs Service, Boundary Guard, travel agency, airlines, parcels service and etc.

In the same year Humanitas University got eligibility to educate in the first engineering major in history of the University- Preservation of environment.

The education offer was extended of two more undergraduate majors: History and Sociology.
Historical studies allows gaining comprehensive knowledge about common history and history of Poland from prehistory till modernity.
Sociology is a major for people interested in politics, psychology, culture, economy functioning of the society and changes among it.

In 2010 Humanitas University as one of few independent universities in Poland gained also eligibility to educate in major of Journalism on master level. In October 2011 National Committee of accreditation positively appraised WSH application about creating first in the history of Humanits university unitary masters degree major of Law.

17th October 2011 with the decision of Science and Higher Education Minister University got approval for launching education on this major. Within Law major in Humanitas University the emphasis is being put on educating in areas of business law, economy and legal aspects of business management. The University is thriving and investing in future.

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