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Priority element in Humanitas University is – from the very beginning – to built strong academic centre in region handling a transfer of knowledge into practice and creating regional and local development . University sets its sights on preparing personnel to fulfil managerial tasks, theoretical and service in conditions of modern european economy. WSH aim for serve the culture creating role in regional, national and transnational scale to be animator entrepreneurship and also miscellaneous science activities and social in favour of envioronment in which functions. Core aim of Humanitas University is to quarantee high quality of education through securing access to latest achievements of theory to students, educating appropriate practical skills, development of general culture and organizational culture and abilities to adaptate to dinamically changing work market in Sosnowiec, region, Poland and European Union. Aim of the University is to educate creative and critical personalities of students, developing their characters and their intellectual horizons also delineating ways of since development. Education gained in Humanitas University is to help graduates to understand social, political and civilizational processes, to equip them with rich interdisciplinary knowledge, bring them realize relation between science and practice, prepare to continuing education during career activity. Knowledge conveyed to students during lectures, classes and seminars have their sources in scientific researches and experiences in economical, self-government, political and social practics.

To statutory aims of Humanitas University in Sosnowiec appertain educating students, raising qualification of different professions and running scientific researches.