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Information for authors

To publish a book, one should:

  • complete the author or editorial questionnaire
  • suggest reviewers (after a consultation with the Director of the Institute)
  • submit materials at the Publishing House

Materials should be submitted directly to the Publishing House in 2 copies (with an electronic version attached).

Articles for Scientific Journals should include a summary in Polish and English. Article title should also be  in English and Polish.

NOTE: By passing the text to the editor, author transfers to the publisher the exclusive (copyright and publishing) rights to the publication, which will be supported by relevant agreement.

References and Bibliography:

Editors politely ask for adaptation of the principles of drafting articles:

Articles should be written in Times New Roman, font size 12 Spacing should be of 1.5 line, margins on the left and  right side, and top and bottom should be  2.5 cm long. Title of the article, written in capital letters (size 14), should be placed in the middle of the page. The manuscript should have a 0.5 page summary in Polish and English attached. Footnotes must be placed at the bottom of the page. Footnote shall include the following: first name initials (dot), name (comma) , title in italics (comma), name of publisher (comma) , place and year of publication (comma), page number (dot).

For example, J. Penc, Creating business success, PWN, Warszawa 2001, p 28.

Bibliographic footnotes of articles in periodicals should include: the initials of the name (dot) and the name of the author of the article (comma) , title of the article written in italics (comma), journal title in quotation marks and year of publication (comma) , the number of magazines (comma ), page (dot).

For example, D. Smith, Creating business success , "Economics and Organization of Enterprise" 2002, No. 7, p. 13.

These guidelines apply to the administration of sources of drawings, diagrams and tables (or the - Source: Study of author.

In case of repetition in footnote of a publication cited earlier we write:
J. Penc, Creating success..., p. 10.

At the end of the article there should be bibliography included, compiled in alphabetical order, which should appear as follows: author's surname, initials, (comma), title in italics (comma), publisher (comma), place and year of publication (period).

1. For example, Arens M.B., Company management, PWN, Warsaw 2001.

In the case of bibliographic description in the journal article:

2. Smith D., Creating business success , " Economics and Organization of Enterprise" 2002, No. 7.

In the case of articles published in collected editions:

3. Zagnanski A., Microeconomics, [in: ] A. Glowacki (ed.), Managing organizations, University of Economics, Cracow, 2002.

Please post a short summary in Polish and English, including keywords.
Please also attach abrief affiliation for each author.